Puff pastry delights | 2 Kg


Lapasión´s PUFF PASTRY DELIGHTS|  Rectangular-shaped puff pastry with a central circular cut-out, baked, and coated in syrup. It has a sweet honey flavor and a shiny golden color.

SUPREME QUALITY | Ideal for breakfast, coffee breaks, or snack.

PRESENTATION | Product individually wrapped | Total 2.0 Kg.

MADE IN SPAIN | This product is made in Spain.

BEST BEFORE DATE AND CONSERVATION | 6 months | Store in a cold and dry place, away from sunlight.

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Ingredients and allergens Puff pastry delights | 2 Kg

WHEAT flour, sugar, gelling preparation [glucose and fructose syrup, water, sugar, gelling agents (pectin, xanthan gum) and flavor], vegetable fat (palm), glucose syrup, vegetable oil (sunflower), EGG, salt, coloring (β-carotene) and aromas. May contain traces of soy and mustard.

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